Saturday, July 12, 2008


We have been trying to grow tomatoes for years and we finally got some ripe ones! Now, I am not a tomato lover but John and his mom are. You can see here John is feasting on his one, small, ripe tomato and he is loving it!

Blessings -



  1. Remember the time he ate that whole container of baby tomatoes at our house...

    Same expression on his face here; that combination of complete euphoria and 'you better not mess with my veggies, punk, or else!'

  2. LOL! Yes, that was at your graduation party.

  3. What a guy after my own heart. We tryed this year to plant some, but to no avail, Patrick hasn't had much time to care for them. I'm back to square one and buying them at the market. Bummer!

  4. so cute! Kenzie finally got her first (& only) tomato, but she'll never eat it!