Friday, September 14, 2012

The Value of the Journey

But while being a pastor certainly has some of these components, the pervasive element in our two-thousand-year pastoral tradition is not someone who “gets things done” but rather the person placed in the community to pay attention and call attention to “what is going on right now” between men and women, with one another and with God—this kingdom of God that is primarily local, relentlessly personal, and prayerful “without ceasing.”
Peterson, Eugene. The Pastor: A Memoir. 

Isn't it amazing how God shows us things not too early and not too late, but rather He shows us things at the right time?  I love the way God works!  He never gets caught off-guard.

I came across this quote and I needed to read it today.  I highlighted it this past spring when I read this book.  It was today of all days that it was brought to my attention.  Those who know me best know how much my task list runs my day.  It's not necessarily a bad thing -- task lists help me stay organized and they help my stay on top of everything that needs to get done.  But I confess that for the last couple weeks my task list has blinded my heart from "being" in the kingdom of God.  What I mean is that for the last several weeks my task list has kept my focus on the end task or the completed project.  It reminds me of everything that I need to get done.  It focuses my attention on the finish line.  The problem is that at times I am oblivious to the process as I look at just the end -- the finished product.

Some of you know that there had been a period in my life that I was a truck driver.  I enjoyed being a truck driver.  The journey from point A to point B was alone time for me.  It recharged my batteries and strengthened my soul.  But I soon became oblivious to the journey and started being anxious about when I would get to point B.  Soon, the journey became a chore and unenjoyable because I was focused on the destination.

Ministry is about the journey as much as it is about the destination.  I don't want to miss the journey of ministry.  I want to pay attention and call attention to what's going on right now between men and women and between us and God.  We cannot let the destination distract us from the value of the journey.

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