Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visitors from The North and the South

Christmas in Wilmore is always a festive time of the year. In this "Mayberry" city, the celebration of Christmas is a daylong event ending with the city meeting at the United Methodist Church and singing carols together. This year we had my parents from the Pennsylvania join us and John and Celia Evans from Georgia. My Dad, John, and I watched John Arthur play in a chess tournament that the morning (he won 3 of 5 games) while the girls went to craft displays and Hobby Lobby.

A word about Chess tournaments. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being supportive of John Arthur and his activities, but chess tournaments are boring. We started at 7:30a for registration and the first game started at 9:30a. The last game ended at 5:30p and the awards were at 6:30p. Now, when a parent goes to a chess tournament, it is not like other scholastic events. We don't sit in a stadium and cheer our players on. There is not a marching band nor are there cheerleaders. The players are called to go into a room of tables where there is not any talking. The parents are not allowed to go in this "room." They play their game and come out and wait for the next game. The spectators -- if you want to use that word -- sit in a lobby around tables and wait.

Chess is definitely not a contact sport -- I am not suggesting that it should be one. But maybe a little more cheering, pep-bands, and a halftime show would be nice. :D

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