Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am reading in Genesis 5 the long list of genealogy from Adam to Noah and to be honest I am ready to skip over it. I choose to plug along and come to verses 22 and 24 and I stop. It says that Enoch walked with God. These questions prompted me to further study:
  1. What does it mean when it says that Enoch walked with God?
  2. Did he physically walk with God?
  3. Why did this author include this?
  4. What was so special about walking with God that caused Him to take him away?
  5. Why is there not more said about Enoch? You'd think that if walking with God was so important then wouldn't there be more said of this?
What I know is that the verb is hitpael, imperfect and a preliminary definition with this in mind and in this context is to walk constantly with God. I am going to park here for a little bit. I'd love your thoughts, too.



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