Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Prophets and then there was Moses

I am currently reading through the Bible and I find myself this week in Numbers. Although there are a lot of laws and regulations in this book, there are also glimpses into Israel's history and their relationship with God.

It has been the desire of God that Israel be His people. From the covenant with Abraham through Isaac and Jacob to the release from Egypt and the years at Sinai, God had chosen Israel to be His people who were in affect a holy people that were chosen by God to be His people (Ex. 19:4-6). But despite this desire that God had to be Israel's God, the people of Israel found themselves grumbling and complaining over and over again. Most of the complaints were centered on them not trusting God. The ultimate display of not trusting God was the spies' report. Their lack of trust in God cost them 40 more years in the wilderness and their generation was not able to go into the Promised Land.

On one occasion we even find Aaron and Miriam grumbling against Moses. These two siblings of Moses seemed to have been jealous of the relationship that Moses had with God. In Numbers 12 we find the explicit difference between Moses and the prophets. What God tells Aaron and Miriam is that Moses has a special relationship with God. The Lord makes Himself known to them through visions and dreams (v.6). However, God speaks to Moses in a different way. God speaks to him "mouth to mouth" (v.8). There are no riddles and everything is clear for Moses.

Many books have been written (and I have read some of them) about hearing the voice of God. This post is not another tidbit of advice about how you can hear the voice of God. What I want to stress here is the willingness that God has to speak to us. He is interested in our daily affairs and he wants to be involved in our daily decisions.

Although we may not have the privilege that Moses had, we know that God is interested in what we do and what we have to say. Let's take a moment to invite Him to be a part of our day today.



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