Monday, March 26, 2012

The Frequency of God

"We must see God again; we must feel God again; we must know God again; we must hear God again."

Tozer, A. W., and David E. Fessenden. The Attributes of God,
Volume 2: Deeper into the Father's Heart
. Camp Hill, PA: WingSpread, 2001. (p. 11)

All around us are radio signals.  We may not realize it, but it is true.  There are FM radio signals, AM radio signals, shortwave, cellular, CB, wireless, TV, weather, airport traffic, police radio, military, Bluetooth, and so many more that I don't even realize.  In the midst of the signals that are even now rippling through the air, we don't hear a single one of them.  Why?  Because we don't have the right apparatus to tune into those signals.  We cannot hear the intended messages nor can we tune into the frequencies because we have not equipped ourselves with the necessary means to receive them.  

Can this not be the same with God's presence?  The presence of God is with us.  It is all around us, and it is rippling through the air.  Unfortunately, we sometimes are unable to recognize His presence because we have not equipped ourselves to receive it.  How do we see God?  How do we feel God?  How do we know God?  How do we hear God?  We do all of this from a posture of worship.  Worship is the apparatus that equips us to recognize the presence of God.  And this is not just worship that we do or participate in on Sundays.  This is intentional and purposeful worship each and every day where we intentionally and purposefully tune ourselves to God's frequencies.

Nobody doubts that the radio signals are all around us.  They are there.  Why, then, do we sometimes doubt the presence of God?  We use a GPS to tap into the positional satellite signals.  We use a radio to hear what is being said on the FM and AM frequencies.  We use a scanner to hear most other frequencies.  And, we use worship as a way to tap into God's frequencies.  When we do this each day, we will begin to recognize the presence of God.  It is not that God has not been there all along!  It is just that we are now tuning ourselves into His frequency.

How will the recognition of God's presence change the way you live this week?

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