Monday, March 12, 2012

Preaching is more than just preaching

"I'd like to say, with no attempt at morbid humility, that without a pure heart and a surrendered mind, no man can preach worthily about God and no man can hear worthily."

This is a simple reminder that there is more to preaching than just preparing well crafted words about a text that is studied.  There is more to preaching than merely writing a persuasive speech about a text in the Bible and getting people to respond.  If this is all there is, then we who preach are merely motivators performing under our own strength.  This quote from Tozer reminds me -- as I must be reminded every day -- that God needs to be involved in this entire process.  The intersection of God with my life is the intersection of God with my preaching of any text.

How does God intersect with my life?  Before my Dad passed away two years ago, he told me, "Son, preach the Word.  Never surrender and always preach the Word."  His voice still rings true in my mind today as I read Tozer's words.  I suspect that Tozer would tell me the same thing, but what is more, Tozer would articulate that preaching the Word of God is accomplished through a heart that is pure and a mind that is surrendered.  

As I think over the deep and dark recesses of my heart and mind, I ask myself, "O heart, are you pure?  O mind, are you surrendered?"  I am in the process of identifying those areas of my life that are in need of realignment with God's heart and mind.  I am in the process (continually) of thwarting the powers of darkness and worldliness that are engulfing me in selfishness.  An impure heart and an un-surrendered mind prevent me from being worthy of preaching the Word as my Dad had charged me.  

How does God interest with your life?  If you are a preacher or teacher of the Word, then hear also the charge of my Dad and Tozer to you.  Preach the word.  Surrender your mind.  Purify your heart.  Only then will we be able to preach the Word and majesty of God our Creator.  If you are Christian (or follower of Christ), then we must purify our hearts and surrender our minds so that we are worthy of hearing the clear message of God.

What would it be like for us this week if we sought to purify our hearts today?  What would it be like for us this week if we sought to surrender our minds?  What would it be like for us today if we took an active role in our Christian walk?  Unfortunately, at times I have been passive about my Christian walk.  Today, I commit to taking a more active role by purifying my heart and surrendering my mind.  Will you join me?

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